Buying property in Cayman

Buying property in Cayman


All property titles are guaranteed by the Cayman Islands Government and can be inspected.

There are no annual property taxes or capital gains taxes. There is only a one-time Stamp Duty payment. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership or repatriation of funds whatsoever. Property investment has traditionally been a very secure and stable†investment.

The quality of construction in the Cayman Islands is extremely high. Buildings are concrete and steel structures.

The Cayman Islands is known the world over for its luxury accommodations, crystal-clear pristine waters and a world-class financial services industry. We have some of the finest amenities and oceanic environs that the Caribbean has to offer. Our real estate is no different.

An astute investor can truly find something to suit whatever their heart desires. This is not the only option though. Folks looking to carve out their own slice of tropical heaven neednít worry-there is an attractive offshore investment for every buyer looking to access these beautiful Cayman Islands.

The natural beauty of Cayman, combined with a stable government, affluent population and sophisticated infrastructure, has contributed to one of the regionís strongest real estate markets. Grand Cayman has provided long- term sustainable growth since itís first tourism-oriented developments in the 60ís and the 70ís. In the past 15 years, properties have averaged an annual increase in value exceeding 12%. High-end properties over US$2 million have seen even higher growth.