Moving to Cayman

Moving to Cayman


Moving to Grand Cayman is relatively easy with daily flights from the US to Owen Roberts International Airport as well as direct flights from the UK, Jamaica, Canada, Honduras and Cuba.  Cayman Airways is the national airline however, there are many other airlines that offer flights to Cayman including British Airways, American Airlines, US Airways, Air Canada and Delta.

Although Grand Cayman is a small Island, it is known for being extremely cosmopolitan boasting first class amenities with a wide selection of world class restaurants, fast food chains and supermarkets that stock a multitude of international foods, catering to its multi-national residents.

One thing to keep in mind when moving to Cayman, is that the cost of living is considerably higher than in the US and UK.

There is a public bus service offered on Island but it is not always reliable so most residents depend on personal vehicles to get about.  As in any country, traffic can become quite congested during rush hour periods and you will need to allow for extra time when travelling to and from work.

Another major factor to consider when moving from cooler climates is the year round sunny climate and humidity of the summer months.  Rainy season is from June through November and although in recent years it has been considerably dryer the rain can be heavy at times and cause flooding in lower lying areas.

All in all, Cayman is truly a wonderful place to live with crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and the warmth and welcome of the Cayman community.  Cayman also boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the World.